About us

Gozars is a hyperlocal fashion tech platform with the goal of elevating the fashion experience through exclusive offerings. Gozars assists high-quality brands and ensures that they reach their customers with the best services possible.

Gozars has a diversified workforce that strives to provide the finest service and product possible. Experts handpick all of the finalized products and brands based on trend, season, and quality.

We believe fashion is an extension of one's personality, and in this pandemic, it was not accessible and the founders of Gozars, Saitej Gupta, and Sandeep Sindigirikonda want to bridge the gap between the fashion industry's lack of innovation and hospitality. Both the founders, Sandeep contributes towards the creative and business side of Gozars. Where the values of the company stay in all the operations whereas Saitej envisions and builds strategies for the company growth. Both the founders are like Left and Right Brain of the Gozars

Where they aim to reduce both online and physical shopping limitations. As a result, we designed Gozar's model in such a way that it not only solves the problem but also has an influence.

We want to get Market Loyal clients through Gozars, not simply Brand Loyal customers. We want to be a brand that listens to people and provides them with services and products. We want to be a part of every customer's wardrobe and family, and we want to provide the best service possible.

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